Kri's Bibimpap (Fish or Beef) 1 Serve

Kri's Bibimpap (Fish or Beef) 1 Serve

  • KRI Restaurant
  • Bibimpap (Fish or Beef)
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KRI Restaurant
Preparation time: 35mins
Available between 8am to 8:30pm (last order) 9pm (close)

Our version of "mixed rice" in a bowl, with your choice of BEEF or FISH over (Your choice) of warm WHITE and BROWN rice topped with egg, sauteed and seasoned vegetables.

KRI Restaurant

KRI Restaurant is located at 53rd Silliman Avenue, Dumaguete City across the Silliman University Campus. The name of the restaurant came as an acronym which stands for the owner’s sister, “Kikit”, the owner’s name himself, “Ritchie”, and “Iris”, the owner’s wife. KRI is a total package in terms of good food and affordable menu. Also, it does not come short in terms of ambiance and interior design even with the restaurant’s not so spacious area. If you’re not fond of crowded area and restaurants, KRI is the best place to go and dine in. It’s good for intimate dining and catching up with friends and family.
Aside from the relatively cheap and affordable food prices, KRI is also known for its fast service. The store only closes on Sundays and offers wide range of menu to choose from.

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