Gyro's Beef Shawarma with Cheese

Gyro's Beef Shawarma with Cheese

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Gyro's Monster Shawarma
Preparation Time: 35mins
Available between 10:30am to 8:30pm

Ground beef marinated in spices straight from Pakistan, cabbage, white onions; your choice of having it with cheese or not, barbecue sauce and garlic sauce all wrapped together in homemade pita bread.

GYRO MONSTERS SHAWARMA - Beef Shawarma  with Cheese

Inspired by her interest in Middle- eastern food, Ann Kho opened her first Shawarma kiosk at RM building in 2005. It didn’t last long for Gyro Monster to move to Garahe Bar in hopes of serving more customers. And in the next 10 years, it is where gyro monster earned their first loyal customers. Since 2015, Gyro Monsters moved to a bigger place to serve their loyal customers; it has been at Leqtak building for 2 years now. Today, Gyro Monsters serves more than 400 pieces a day.

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