Señor Juan's Liver Pâté w/ Onion Jam 1 Serve

Señor Juan's Liver Pâté w/ Onion Jam 1 Serve

  • Señor Juan
  • Liver Pâté w/ Onion Jam
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Señor Juan
Best Seller,Preparation time:35mins
Available between 11am to 11pm (close every monday)

Melt in your mouth chicken liver pâté with onion jam and toasted French bread.

SEÑOR JUAN Bar & Bistro

Established on November 22, 2016 and owned by Mr. Kim Martin Sevilla, Señor Juan bar & bistro is a destination for the senses! Indulge in hearty and delectable, traditional Spanish-Filipino Cuisine that satisfy your appetite.  The name Señor Juan came from the owner’s nephew “Juan” and most of their food are Spanish hence the name “Señor” in Señor Juan.  It’s cozy, inviting, family friendly nestled close to the sea, promises gourmands & casual eaters alike, a delightful dining experience of gastronomic proportions that will keep you coming back for more.

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