Mang Atchan's Pork Tocino  Minimum Order 10pcs

Mang Atchan's Pork Tocino Minimum Order 10pcs

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Mang Atchan's
Preparation Time:35mins
Available between 5pm to 6pm

Minimum Order 10pcs

Just thinly sliced pork shoulder cured in salt and sugar for a few days but the sweet, chewy Filipino breakfast meat that results is amazing, especially when paired with some garlic fried rice and egg.

MANG ATCHAN'S - Pork Tocino

Mang Atchan’s is known for its original spiced tocino. It started since 1970 with the owner Mr. Atchan Chia. Today it is already run by Mr. Atchan Chia’s grandson, Mr. Omar Philip Franco. This tocino business has been running on and off for more or less 15 years. Their sauce has always been their top secret why the business has run for a long time. Try going around Dumaguete and you’ll surely not find any sauce similar to Mang Atchan’s. Dagit Dumaguete tried asking them about their famous sauce too and just like anybody, we didn’t get the secret to this sauce. They also have “isaw”, hotdog, chorizo, chicken tocino, “batikulon, and “chicken feet”. The food here is also affordable and “sulit”. This famous tocinohan around town is located at Dr. V. Locsin St. Dumaguete City, fronting ACSAT and usually opens from 5:00PM-10:00PM.

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